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This issue of the newsletter will have a focus on Pulumi, which I think is one of the more interesting product families in the infrastructure as code space. Nice tools, and great people - or was it great tools, and nice people ? :-)

Present, past and future of infrastructure as code

Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi, talks about how infrastructure management tools have changed from before the cloud to now and what could come in the future.

Infrastructure as code: past, present, and future

This is a presentation from QCon, and I think it is a pretty good description of where we have been and are right now, with a few thoughts on the future.

If you are fairly new to infrastructure as code and the tools that exist, I think this is a pretty good talk. Joe Duffy is partial to Pulumi of course, but it is not a sales talk for their product.

Pulumi AWS provider version 6

Pulumi recently launched version 6 of their “AWS Classic” provider. It’s the most popular library used to manage AWS resources in Pulumi. The “AWS Native” provider is not as complete because of limited support from AWS for the APIs it relies on.

Thus most AWS users will probably use the “AWS Classic” provider. This new major release contains support for more resources, functions, and properties. The size of the SDKs for the provider has decreased despite increased coverage, in the ballpark of 40-90%, depending on language.

You can read more about the provider release here: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/announcing-6-0-of-the-pulumi-aws-classic-provider/

MLOps with Pulumi

Pulumi has begun a series of articles on managing machine learning operations (MLOps) with their software.

In the first article, they describe how you can set up a large language model (LLM) based chatbot using Pulumi. The example includes support to deploy the chatbot to three separate platforms; locally with docker, runpod.io and Azure ACI. The author wrote the example in Python.

It is a simple example, and a pretty good introduction to use Pulumi for those are working with AI and machine learning.

The real AI challenge is cloud, not code

Pulumi Migration Hub

Hashicorp’s licensing change has led to increased marketing for Pulumi as a new infrastructure as code tool that can replace Terraform.

Thus, they have collected migration information under the label Migration Hub. It is not really new information there, but the packaging is arguably better than before, I would say. This is the place to find information on migrating infrastructure-as-code solutions to Pulumi.

Pulumi adoption made easy with the new Migration Hub

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