How to pick an infrastructure as code language

You can use several languages today to define cloud infrastructure as code. Sometimes, you have a range of languages to choose from, even for a single tool.

So what language is the right choice? My intention with this article is to give you some guidance on how to pick the right language for you.

Tidy Cloud AWS Issue 2 - Infrastructure-as-code tooling updates - Cloud Development Kits

Infrastructure-as-code-tooling updates - Cloud Development Kits

Have you looked at any of the Cloud Development Kits?

These are tools and frameworks for handling infrastructure-as-code with programming languages. It is a space that I predict will see a lot of growth. That space is not only for developer experts but either directly or indirectly by all sorts of roles that work with consistent and repeatable infrastructure provisioning.

This week includes a few Cloud Development Kit news items that certainly can be valuable!