Tidy Cloud AWS Issue 6 - Conferences and toolkit updates

Hello all!

This issue contains a few bits of information regarding online conferences, Pulumi, and CDK updates.

Cloud Engineering Summit

The Cloud Engineering Summit is a two-day event that infrastructure-as-code company Pulumi hosts.

I believe this is the second year Pulumi hosts this event. Last year’s speaker diversity was good. This year seems to continue on that path. I am looking forward to attend a few sessions there. There are three tracks in parallel.

The previous summit in 2020 is available in the PulumiTV YouTube channel though, the Cloud Engineering Summit 2020 play list.

The summit takes place on October 20-21 2021. You can do registration, view agenda and speakers at Cloud Engineering Summit 2021.

HashiConf Global

HashiCorp global online conference runs over two days, October 29-20 2021, so it overlaps with Cloud Engineering Summit.

It is a bit more product focused compared to Cloud Engineering Summit, great if you are or want to become a practitioner of the HashiCorp products.

HashiCorp has run conferences for a couple of years now, with recent ones being switched to digital events. The HashiCorp YouTube channel has videos from previous events, including HashiConf Europe 2021

You can handle registration, agenda and other things at the HashiConf website.

Terraform Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

Not too long ago, HashiCorp released 0.6 of the Terraform CDK. It has a few bug fixes and some feature updates. However, the key change in my mind is the project switched to using a newer version of their constructs module. The old version of the library is v3 and the alternative version is v10.

This is the same version that the AWS CDK v2 uses, while AWS CDK v1 uses the old constructs.

Thee v10 version of the constructs module is actually a more stripped-down version than v3.

This means that some code constructs may not work any longer

If you use Terraform CDK, it may be time to upgrade.

Pulumi announces native provider for AWS, and migration from CloudFormation to Pulumi.

Pulumi recently released a preview of their native provider for AWS. In earlier days, Pulumi relied a lot on existing Terraform constructs for which they could provide a bridge. This practice has changed to a new type of provider.

For a native Pulumi provider, it uses specifications provided by the cloud providers to generate its native providers, so any additional features may be available the same day as they release them.

This update from Pulumi also includes a new tool cf2pulumi, which is a tool to convert existing CloudFormation templates to Pulumi code. This tool is available as a command-line tool, as well as a web-based tool. Hopefully, this is a significant starting point if you already have CloudFormation-based deployments, but want to take Pulumi for a spin.

You can read the announcement here.

This is all for this bulletin. You can always send comments and suggestions, or read more on Tidy Cloud AWS.

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