Tidy Cloud AWS Issue 5 - New design on the website

Tidy Cloud AWS

New website design

By the time you are reading this, the web site Tidy Cloud AWS should have a new design. Quite frankly, the old design had room for improvement - a lot of room...

I built the original web site using Zola, which I picked due to that it was relatively simple to work with, and just a single binary to run.

I am certainly not a front-end expert, and all various Javascript-based generators seems to be more geared to people who are more skilled iin the front-end space.

Previously I had also tried Hugo, which can do quite a lot, and there were many themes to choose from. That effort ended up to be too much work for me also to tweak and learn various templates. Zola was a breath of fresh air in comparison.

For the new website design I have used Publii, which is a quite nice tool. It does have a different workflow though, and not Github integration to Netlify as I had with the Zola-based site.

I am pretty happy with the result though, even though I could not keep all the article links as they were. If you have an old link to an article that fails, please search for the article on the web site again - it should hopefully be easy to find.

Feel free to respond with any comments on the website, I would love your feedback!

Until next time,