Tidy Cloud AWS Issue 1 - A warm welcome!

A warm welcome!

You are most welcome to the first proper issue of the Tidy Cloud AWS bulletin!

If you struggle with handling and automation of your cloud infrastructure and want to make it more reliable, consistent, and more enjoyable to work with, then this bulletin is for you!

I have worked with helping companies build, and improve their cloud-based solutions for many years now, and I am excited about the possibilities that the cloud platforms provide! In addition, I have a passion for learning and knowledge sharing, which this bulletin and website is a way to express. I very much appreciate it if you want to come along on this journey with me!

The plan is to send out this bulletin every second Thursday to start. I hope you will like it!

Bulletin content, what to expect

The bulletin intends to provide valuable information for handling and automating cloud infrastructure solutions in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Examples of topics can be:

  • Concrete examples for solutions. This topic can include scripts, code, step-by-step instructions. These are things you can use yourself, like How to avoid unexpected AWS costs, which provides some scripts to set up AWS budgets.

  • Organisation and structure. How to manage and structure cloud resources, and break down and address different problems. An example of a post in this area is Working backwards is the way forward.

  • References to valuable sites and material, with commentary. There is plenty of material out there that can be useful, but not always easy to find the golden nuggets. Useful links, references, and reviews will also be a part of the content.

  • News and guides about tools and services. This topic can include news and guides for various tools and services. AN example guide is How to simplify project setup with Projen.

Some material will be available as blog posts as well, and code, scripts, and other assets will generally be available on Github (see examples in posts above).

I want to provide content that is useful and valuable to you. Thus your feedback is most welcome, do not hesitate to hit the reply button if you have any comments!

Until next time, /Erik